Eng. Jonard Asiimwe invited as a Guest of Honor at a Talent Show recently.

Eng Jonard Asiimwe the CEO Jonard Develpment Foundation on Easter sunday was honored a chief guest at Darlison Music Show. “I take this opportunity to thank all who have turned out ,to support our dear loving Darlson, RDC,team JDF,and the rest of the congregation.

Thanks for inviting me as chief guest of honour,I love you all my friends,and Bunyoro at Large.

@2019,Ready to empower all Darlings,we can always make it when you have faith.

Enjoy Easter, love u all.” Eng Jonard Wrote on his facebook Page.

However he was quoted at the event “Darlison, how many brothers do you have here, how many sisters do you have here, I believe everyone who is here loves you and should be appreciated for that”

Jonard team of Ushers done a wonderful job in helping out people, the Project Coordinator Kiiza Achillues said the Foundation is here to support Youth and Talent.

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