Football has much potential than even Oil.

The 92 Premier League and Football League clubs contributed £1.9bn to the UK government in taxes (2015-16: £1.6bn)

Meanwhile, Scottish Premiership revenues increased by 63% to £181m in 2016-17, driven by the on-field success of Celtic, and Rangers’ participation in Scotland’s top flight.

China’s Football Vision.

China’s strategy is to become a “world football superpower” by 2050, with plans to get 50 million children and adults playing the game by 2020.

Other targets include having at least 20,000 football training centres and 70,000 pitches in place by 2020.

Iniesta, Rooney all the great players are signed expensively by Chinese clubs, why? they want great players to inspire their youth, motivate them.

Remember Football Industry has much potential than even oil…

What is our plan, what is our vision…as a country.
We need to get facts and act accordingly….

Speaking with Youth from Kitaga at our offices alot was discussed..We should focus on what the future will present than what we are today…

Kitagi youth came to our offices to seek advise on many challenges they face as a young growing but determined football team. We donated them a ball and contributed some fees for them to register in the first division league.

“Thank you for believing in talent, but work hard also because you have needs as human beings and abstain from using drugs because drugs and talent don’t mix ” Coordinator Operations at JODEF told youths.


  • Sitakange Moses


    Am deeply happy for the talent development your making am Moses working with building tomorrow Uganda in kyankwanzi around Kikonda and Bananywa have over 5 schools am supporting with a lot of talent though have no access to games materials like balls. Is it possible we join arms and suport such children’s talent In such school???????

    • I.T & Communications Department

      Thank you for contacting us. Thank you for your initiative to contribute the betterment of the human kind. Come meet with us at our Office in Hoima.

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