Youth involvement in Income generating activities.

Youth contribute more than 78% of the total population in Uganda. The youths are the productive population and a vechile that drives the nation. But the question lies in if that population is an assest or a liability.

JODEF believe in youth and we understand the challenges the youth go through, we work with a bigger percentage of youth in our secretariat. We know much about them. The youth are the future.

We are rolling out comprehensive strategies to tackle youth whilst we launch active operations of our activities.

Our Chairperson was recently invited a guest of honor at a talent show in Hoima. The chairperson told gatherings about JODEF and what it intends to do to help youth. Moses Exodus is a youth and a musician in Hoima, he has struggled as a youth to become a successful artist, he is inspiring others when JODEF empowers him finacially in his different activities.

Jonard Development Foundation team presenting a gift to Moses Exodus as Chairparson giving a word.

We believe talent development and nurturing is just an aspect in helping Youth, we are identifying a number of aspects on how we can help youth.

Thank you for supporting Moses Exodus

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