Jonard Development Foundation Anthem to be composed by ABUPA.

In a partnership Jonard Development Foundation is working with ABUPA, in composing the Foundation Anthem. “We believe this Foundation is to last for many years, we want an anthem that would stand all seasons, an athem the would give hope and confidence” Eng. Asiimwe said.

Jonard Development Foundation Chairman, Eng Jonard Asiimwe in the same meeting held at JDF offices, told ABUPA members to be patient and persistent. He advised artist to create value for the game,” I thank my brother Figo West who once told me if you cannot afford 1 million I will not work, I don’t say he was arrogant but we need to create value let us not go perform on an event later get paid 50.000=”. Eng. Asiimwe was quoted.

ABUPA Members and JDF Staff in a boardroom

He further advised artists to be cautious about their health, “celebrities are always threatened by alcohol, Women and Drugs, please leave a Responsible life you will be respected and ABUPA too.” He advised. 

Together JDF and ABUPA reached a conclusion at the end of the day to work towards promoting talent and the JDF anthem was the first project between the two parties.

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