Jonard Development Foundation lends a hand to Kitemba Primary School.

“I was honoured meeting my friend and my MP Hoima Municipality Hon. Bategeka Lawrence at Kitemba Primary School.

I told parents and teachers that, my prayer is not for invited guests to keep giving in money, but I would be pleased to see every parent capable of giving in 1 or 2 Million , if we keep donating, we fail to support these communities in starting up affordable income generating activities, we’re crippling them, we are shuttering their ability to change their lives.

By doing this, we would seem to be people who wish to be welloff as others stay a miserable life.” Chairman JODEF.

Jonard Development Foundation team supported Kitemba Primary School in different possible capacities.

We also felt touched by the state of our school’s flag and we donated the flag to Kitemba Primary School. “Our countries image is key, we should love our country first” Chairman JODEF was quoted.

Jonard Development Foundation Chairman handing in Support to Headteacher Kitemba Primary School.

As Jonard Development Foundation team we were pleased to the function with His Eminence Regional Khard Mr. Mohammad who attended as the chief guest and an Old Boy of the school.

As Jonard Development Foundation we were happy to interacted with the Hoima Municipality Mayor Her Worship Mary Mugasa, the Deputy RDC Hoima Oweki Tabaaro, the Chairperson LC111 Busiisi Divison Muzee Kabagyo, LC1 Kitemba, LC1 Kihuukya, LC1 Kayanja and the LC11 Kihuukya.

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