Jonard Development Foundation Mparo Division Leaders consultative meeting.

Yesterday Jonard Development Foundation met with Leaders at lower leadership levels in Mparo Division Hoima Municipality.

The area Chairperson LC1 is vital stakeholder in development, its imperative to engage with village gate keepers, he or she may either open the gate or close it.

We have introduced our programs and forged a relationship, friendship with these gentlemen and great women. We have learnt alot from them, tomorrow must see us working to enhance government efforts.

The Chairperson Bucunga Village told us about their issue of water shortages in their area.”Our boreholes broken down, in efforts to rehabilitate them we were told being in a municipal status we are supposed to us only piped water. This is affecting the local people who are earning less than a dollar or even nothing a day but are further told to survive on buying water for domestic use” concerned Chairperson told members.

Leaders getting served for Lunch.

With all the villages brought together, alot has been reached, we look forward to discussing with communities so we can come up with community tailor made solutions in respect of the existing government policies and frameworks.

We had Kids too, the future is within them.

At the end of the day the chairman JODEF took members to a farm visit, where he advised on how to use our land optimumly, “I have cooked food for you from this banana plantation, the beans I got them from the same small farm, i have got over 250 bunches of bananas from this small piece of land, we can save alot if we can adopt using our land well” Chairperson JODEF was quoted.

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