Jonard Development Foundation Proposed Headquarters In Kanenankumba, Hoima Municipality.

Your thinking limits your capacity; it later affects your accomplishments in life. Dreaming big is the best option for the ambitious. In times of coining out strategies, in times of starting, it’s better to start small, but you must envision a big whole picture for the project in the inception. Do not get intimidated by the future, I intimidate the future. The size of the picture/ idea depends on the aspirations of the idea generator.

Never go thirsty in times of rainy season. For those who have what it takes to generate a credible idea/ ideas, in its initial stages at most times takes nothing but only time and thinking, however, at most times we limit our dreams because we dictate the future, it’s not possible, the times would not be favorable, the political environment would not be favorable and so forth. We end up limiting ourselves.

This what we believe in: When you have targets of country it’s better you set your targets as if you eye sub region (East Africa), When a district is your target, look as if you are targeting the whole country , when you are targeting a sub county the impression must be that of a district target. If you are targeting a Degree your hopes should be focused to a Masters degree”.

Explanation of every section of the paln

We have a dream; some people may still not forget the vice of dictating the future.
They will tell you, this is such very big project, not feasible, this cannot happen, they don’t have the money to do it, but they do not talk of the brains we have, the brains Mwalimu Julius Nyerere used to build Tanzania, the brains the Rocaffellars used to build the great family business, the brains the McDonalds possessed to start the biggest Food company, they forget all that, our problem here is “We think small, and start small but of a confused mind, the same mind that lacks self belief, the same mind that believes in hard times ahead always. We can achieve anything as long as we believe in what the future is bringing and taking part in making the future bring good news to us.

We are focused to the right values, we do not believe in what someone may anticipate to be the values. We know the right values we stand for. Our cardinal role is focusing on working with stakeholders to transforming communities around us, so we can realise a poverty allergic community, with self sustaining lives.


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