Jonard Development Foundation sponsors Women League.

Yesterday at Eid Al Adha day, residents of Bujumbura Division and Kyabigambire people gathered to support Bujwahya and Nyamirima teams as they came together to participate in different activities at Nyamirima playground. Alot of other activities accompanied the set finals of the two women teams.

In his remarks of the day Chairman Jonard Development Foundation said, “ We can build on the existing talent to create better lives, I have seen ladies here in Uganda changing lives under Sseninde Women Tournament and other setups, we can network with them. Look at Jeane Sseninde she is getting more popular just because she is a woman who plays football” Eng. Asiimwe Jonard was quoted.

Ladies playing football at Nyamirima

He further told the two teams that, he is very impressed with their love for football. “ As I always tell sportsmen and women, this is a great practice of the 21st century, Talent should be developed , in this area of artificial intelligence, we need to anticipate the future. Half of jobs are being taken up by computers and machines by 2023 in the USA according to findings, fortunately machine can not have talent. Am so much impressed with you mothers of this nation, for your determination.”

At the end of the day the goat was taken by Nyamirima Team no sleep, Bujwahya team, the Hard Working Team lost 0:1 in favour of Nyamirima.

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