Kyakatemba Water Source ready for service.

Kyakatemba water source new status

On 6th July 2019 our team of workers visited Kyakatemba Water Source that is located at the boundary of the two cells, Kyentale and Kihemba. 

The water point serves serves these two villages in Kyentale ward, Mparo Division, Hoima Municipality.

JODEF team and Chairperson LC1 Kihemba at Kyakatemba during assessment time

It’s water table reduced hence causing the pipe not to let water out but rather water had created it’s own way on lower parts of the built wall, making it difficult for residents to collect water.

Together the Chairperson LC1 Kihemba and Kyentale contacted Jonard Development Foundation so we can join hands to work on this water source as a community (Burungi Bwansi).

They visited our offices, sat in a meeting and agreed on terms of working  together. We agreed on many things, the Chairpersons on behalf of residents agreed with the Foundation to contribute a number of items they are able to given for the cause.  One scholar once said “Never give someone what he or she is able to provide for him/herself”.

We worked together with members of Kyentale and Kihemba villages and renovated the gone bad water source on 17th Sat. August 2019.

The newly renovated and Old Status of Kyakatemba

We shared alot of experiences even in other areas of development. We can change alot if we agree that we can, that together with collaborative efforts, the sky is the limit.

Thank you for that good gesture,  it should be beginning not the end to working together to achieve more.

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