Lend a Hand: 80 years plus elders stuck with Orphans in Buhanika

Elders are taking up responsibilities of kids abandoned by their parents, or parents being victims of either AIDS and other diseases.

This family’s bread winner is the grand mama in a photo, the grand father is age incapacitated.

This grand mother makes pancakes to sustain themselves and these kids at Buhanika Primary School plus other basic needs like health, clothing and food.

The father of the two kids went insane, the mother later dumped the kids to the grand parents who are living in miserable life. They are trying hard to keep these kids at school.

Jonard Development Foundation Community Based volunters met with the family in our village Mapping strategy. Our team found these kids at home, they were chased from school due to Utility fees of 15,000 each.

Alot of aged people of 70 years and above who are living with children who are depend on them have been identified. At every 5 homes an orphan is identified, for this case we believe its not only about this family but a representative, there is alot of such phenomenons.

Jonard Development Foundation we are set to partner with volunteers, humanitarian organisations, governments and individuals so we can merge resources in order to enhance government efforts of achieving Vision 2040 by lending a hand to the needy, to these vulnerable communities.

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