“My Discussion with ABUPA (Association of Bunyoro Performing Artists)” Chairman JODEF.

Eng. Asiimwe Jonard at the New Court View Hotel conversing with all Bunyoro Artists

I enlightened the members about Artificial Intelligence (machines taking up human jobs) and Machine learning, and how in the first place the world has managed to defeat the competition machines pose to the human race, by developing/ nurturing talents (a machine cannot have a talent, they have chips). You are in the right way to tackle the 21st Century challenges. This is a skill in the 21st Century skills.

The world where is heading it’s going to be harsh, if we don’t equip ourselves/ our children with the right skills, the skills that can tackle the 21st century challenges, (the 21st Century Skills are Reading, Writing, Adaptability (when a new thing comes, how do you easily adopt), Critical Thinking extra do research on that.)

I thank you for believing in a venture people kept categorizing as for the “Abanyu benjahi” marijuana smokers, Abayaye (the thieves).
a. The Managing Body.

I thank you for the efforts you have labored in bringing together the Association of Bunyoro Performing Artists (ABUPA), (We were even the first to work with you if am not mistaken, you composed Jonard Development Foundation lead song).

Now: –
1- After ABUPA setup what is next, the implementation strategy.

2- Registration is on, but how are you going to sustain this.

b. Musicians

3- Why is other people’s products or music excelling? We must ask ourselves. It’s not all about entertaining at is also about the well being of the entertainer.

4- Musicians who have excelled think about this;” To me a successful artist is the one who have produced other successful artist”. Diamond, Kenzo, Alex Muhangi, they are doing that.

5- If the world is becoming a global village who has integrated Nigerian, Kiswahili, Dinka or even the other local languages in their music?. We should not be ridged, the world is changing much. Bunyoro fan base is not enough for you people, think about that. If the chameleons go to Juba and are splashed with Juba dollars, how are you tapping in that potential? “Create Danka lines in your music; let your marketing plan or manager work to see the Dinka social media community is aware.

6- If you think to hit this country you need good videos, that can win airplays on TV stations and my brother Miles Pro invests a lot so he will charge you at high prices. What is supposed to be done, i guess it’s a collective responsibility. (No doubt now you can afford making audios but a video it’s a tag of war). We need to think about that. “Remember never give someone what he or she can afford by him or self”.

c. Producers

1- Have you analyzed the TZ or the Nigerian music, it’s not the singer it’s the producer who is making history to me. Producers if there IS any possible way stop making these normal bets, Nigerian, TZ wasafi are making abnormal beats or drums. This abnormality is what makes your music unique from others. It’s what makes a busy guy spend some time listen to you song. Producers think about that.

d. Promoters

Section of members who attended the meeting

2- At times its better you take control and dictate because some artist just think they know and the end product is affected.

1- Everything can sell but what matters is its marketing strategy, I have seen bad products gain popularity. I have seen popular products market even where you see it’s unnecessary. What matters is how often your product stays in people’s eyes/ ears. I have respect for Tret Pac.

2- What platforms are available to promote, create accessibility for your work online (musicians), if they are there do you them? People in USA or Russia you will be amazed to be part of your customer base. The world is becoming smaller.

3- ABUPA be analytical enough to identify social media influencers in Bunyoro, create a working relationship. Jonard Development Foundation is rolling out a program of sensitizing youth on how possible they can make a fortune out of their smart phones, the potential benefits social media posses for the youth. Everything can be abused and can be used for a better purpose. I see people abusing social media, we can do better things with social media.

In conclusion I BELIEVE #WECANCHANGE, IF WE, #LISTENTOEACHOTHER, give a change to every one of us to participate in forging for everlasting solutions.

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