Sustainable Approaches will win in the 21st century.

Every thing, here, there let’s encourage Sustainable approaches.

When you see someone roasting maize late February,  cry for your self..Because a forest is tampered with some where.

These Chicken are leaving examples and a first project that has given tangible product.

We started with one egg, later 5, then 20 , 40 , and so on. Everything take patience, get strong hearted and consistent you will achieve.

With revenues gotten from this project our Foundation  can sustainably stand even if we have not yet gotten a funding partner. If we are to succeed we must start,  we shall get to know much along.

Our first tangible product from our very first project

We can produce a number of eggs trays per day, meaning we can supply a retailer or a whole seller somewhere. But remember their are agro processing factories  that needs eggs as a raw materials in bigger volumes. We are still challenged to think big. You too, it’s high time you leverage on the emerging demand for eggs, we can change our livelihoods.

Our agronomist has guided us much through many steps so we can succeed  with this experiment demo like setup. We encourage you to come if need be visit our project, get some advice and confidence from our agriculture department.

We are happy for our first tangible product.

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