Water and Sanitation. JODEF visited Kyentale and Kihemba water source Kyakatemba.

The water source needs government action.

We visited Kyakatemba Water Source that is located at the boundary of the two cells, Kyentale and Kihemba.

The water point serves two areas Kyentale and Kihemba though Kihemba has some other water source.

It’s water reduced in the amount, the water levels reduced, the water changed path, water no longer use its pipe outlet but it created the other way on the lower levels of the wall.

The water is collected in a space which was used at first as a standing place of collecting water. People come dump their collecting containers. This is not safe drinking water.

Jonard Development Foundation team at the water source

The Chairperson LC1 Kihemba contact our office to guide them om how to engage with government to improve on the water source situation. We are ready to work with everyone.

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