We do not need money, we are empowered with right information at a right time.

Meeting with different people from every village in Karongo Ward was a great move to the Foundation.

Meeting with villages, talking to people about the challenges and benefits of Oil and Gas is vital for now.

In the Niger Delta most of what is happening is a nightmare, land grabbing, the effects of oil spills and the effects of gas flaring, criminal activities that would rock this area should be telescoped for a local person to play a role in averting or getting ready for that. Be we can avert most of the oil challenges. People need the right information now, with such information gap, our future as a region and country is at stake.

People listening carefully to issues that affect them

Identifying the existing income generating activities within communities, the existing projects in youth, the women, elderly, the disabled and men is important. It’s a yardstick you can use to assess where these villages are, where they hope to go, their areas of comparative advantage, the changing trends in businesses, in agriculture and social life.

In areas that are being annexed to the newly created city/ Minicipality alot of things are changing, people are being caught up at crossroads of new introduced costs by urban authorities. At first it was such dear news, but some did not know its attached with high costs of standards of living.

The youth are taking part in issues that develop their areas they live in

People do not need to run away, or cush those leaders who negotiated for the elevation of this urban area, but as stakeholders we should devise means to create opportunities around us. It’s an information gap, the authorities might labour to explain to people about the approved plans of building, the property tax and so forth, but this is not a one party’s obligation.

Thank you people of Karongo today we continue to meet people in Bujuura Ward.

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