Youth Motivation: Rearing Chickens is expensive, that is what is mostly said.

Layers were chicks once, it persistence and patience that wins

Everything is expensive but what balances the equation is the art involved in with the proprietor, when you confuse a situation in the inception, you have killed the whole idea.

“Remember the bigger the challenge, the higher the opportunity”.

What if you start with one chicken, take care of it start laying eggs, (you must have knowledge on how you can motivate your chicken lay more eggs, how to make sure your eggs are fertilized, how to conduct mass incubation, all these is a lesson on its own).

If you can have patience on one chicken can lead you to 10, 10 can lead you to 100. Life is about smart work, patience and consistency. In a state of scarcity we are forced to start small. And this way its Sustainable.

Fruits of persistent and patience are for those who have a vision

One man was mining Gold, it took him alot of time, he felt like giving up but still insisted. After a long time he still didn’t achieve any success at the mine. He was eventually forced to sell off the mine. The buyer of the mine it took him just a day to experience Gold particles. Persistence and patience.

This Foundation went through the same experience with the 400 chicks, we struggled to turn them to 350 chickens, people told us they were of a poor quality, they will never lay eggs, we were advised to sell them off just a few months back. Guess what, we remained committed to the rules of the game.

In this urban area, a youth you must think about 10 years ahead not tomorrow, what are you doing that will impact the future. You have a nice phone, what are you using it to earn from perhaps social media marketing, content creation extra. We are working on different tailor made projects to further motivate the youth, to help youth find themselves, to help them leverage the opportunities of the forth industry revolution (4IR).

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